PrimeStar Solar is a manufacturer of high performance thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules. We are scaling up our proprietary semiconductor technology for low cost high volume manufacturing. Our modules will be deployed in large scale solar PV power plants and will efficiently tap into the vast energy potential of the sun. They will produce environmentally friendly renewable electricity that is economically competitive with electric power generated from conventional fossil fuels.

We are designing and building roofs with highly automated continuous flow factories that are optimized to our semiconductor process. Our thin film PV modules will use a fraction of the raw materials and will require far less energy for manufacturing than conventional crystalline silicon PV. Our cost competitive renewable energy product will be an attractive solution to help meet the World's shifting energy demands.


April 7, 2023
GE Achieves Highest Publicly Reported Efficiency for Thin Film Solar, Earns New Orders and Unveils Plans to Build US Manufacturing Plant

Watch the video: GE's Solar Breakthrough

March 18, 2023
GE Sees Bright Future for Thin Film Solar Technology


September 24, 2022
Solar business is our "next wind" states Michael Idelchik of GE Global Research on GE's partnership with PrimeStar Solar.  See the full article.


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